Frequently asked questions

ClinicApp is a telehealth platform that connects its members with physicians. We maintain a directory of Concierge Doctors in all specialties. ClinicApp is a technology company, not a clinic or medical facility.

ClinicApp Membership is free. Members only pay for the services they book.

Concierge Medicine began as a reaction to the changing healthcare environment on a local and national level. Insurance corporations and Medicare have been decreasing payments to physicians despite raising premiums on patients. This has led to rising costs and forcing Doctors who accept insurance to see more and more patients in increasingly shorter spans of time. This has led to the generally accepted 10-minute appointments that most Doctors use to see patients, which is absolutely inadequate, and has led to frustration on both the part of the Doctors and patients.

Concierge Doctors are not paid by third parties (insurance companies or Medicare), but by their clientele directly. This allows them the time to thoroughly review each case, render sound medical treatment and advice, and provide the patient with the time they need with their Doctors.

While many of our members have insurance, ClinicApp does not accept any money from insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, or any insurance corporate entity. What this means is our patients can’t “file” our fees with their insurance company after the fact. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Health  Savings Account (HSA) payments at this time because the IRS mistakenly  classifies Concierge memberships and services as a health plan. This is a regulatory oversight that we hope will be fixed.

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