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Whether you are a primary care physician or a subspecialist, listing your practice on ClinicApp is the ideal way to develop a direct-pay fee model, and increase your clinic’s revenue and footprint. The way it works is simple, physicians set their fee for using ClinicApp, and ClinicApp pays them their full fee for every appointment they book through the platform. For more information and details on how to get started, please shoot us an email at
ClinicApp is a technology company that’s owned and operated by physicians for physicians.


At the CLINICAPP, our primary mission is to connect patients with direct access to medical professionals. In doing so we are able to provide your clinic more revenue, while at the same time providing healthcare to those with little to no access. Whether you are a specialist looking to grow your own private practice, or  a general practitioner looking to increase the attention given to each client.

Expand Clinic Accessibility

Many patients lack access to medical care from board-certified physicians. ClinicApp allows physicians to reach these patients directly and cut out the middlemen.

Refine the Patient Experience

ClinicApp allows doctors to spend more quality time with their patients by removing third party payers from the doctor patient / relationship.

Improve Patient Retention

By offering patients a more personalized experience ensures you are able to appear as a leading physician in your practice area. With ClinicApp, patients can quickly identify primary care doctors and subspecialists for their unique medical problems and concerns. No matter what stage your practice is in, our exemplary platform is the number one way to get found by patients searching for your clinic.

Increase Clinic Revenue

Doctors give away a lot of their services for free, e.g. answering portal messages, filling out forms for patients, and being 'on-call' after hours". ClinicApp allows physicians to monetize these otherwise untapped revenue streams. We believe physicians should get paid for all of their work.


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